Homework 7: Small multiples, nesting, and adding random bits and pieces

Hints are in /hints/, obvs. These are not in order of difficulty, although the last one is very difficult. If you get stuck on one, feel free to move on.

When you're done, homework should look something like homework-completed.pdf

Chart 1: Multiple lines with annotations

Create a line graph of housing prices in different sections of the United States, illustrating how prices fall in winter.

Data is in housing-prices.csv

Chart 2: Small multiples (many, many multiples)

We'll recreate this and this using D3 and small multiples. I want each year as its own graph, with Japan and USA area graphs on top of each other and the year as a note at the top.

Data is in fertility.csv

Chart 3: Smaller multiples

Reproducing a graphic from this Upshot article.

Data is in middle-class-income.csv and middle-class-income-usa.csv

Chart 4: Small multiples painfully and manually

Building a non-animated version of this NYT visualization. If you finish this one you will become the President of the Galaxy.

Data is in climate-data.tsv