Same as ever: homework should look like homework-completed.pdf, hints are in hints, blah blah blah.

Chart 1: A map about dots easy

Do you like /r/outrun? Do you like synthwave? Cool, let's make a map like that.

Data is in world.topojson and world-cities.csv

Chart 2: Points and lines difficult

Which airports can you fly non-stop to out of JFK? Let's plot the airports, and draw lines for the flights. We're going to use the geoEqualEarth projection.

Data is in world.topojson, flights.csv, and airport-codes-subset.csv. You'll need to build flights.csv.

Chart 3: Hex maps moderate

Use this tool to build a map. It comes with instructions and code!

Data is in wolves.csv and you'll need to create canada.svg

Chart 4: An election choropleth easy

Because hey hey choropleths hey hey! Make the color related to who was voted for, then make the opacity related to how many people are in that county (see this). Compare the map where you use opacity to the map where you don't. Be amazed!

For the 2016 election I'm missing data for Maine - you can use counties.topojson for 2012 or counties_with_election_data.topojson for 2016 (sans Maine). Want to learn about how to pick colors well? read this.

Data is in counties.topojson or counties_with_election_data.topojson, depending on which election you want to work with.

Chart 4: An election choropleth easy

Make the same thing, but instead of using colorScale for Republicans vs. Democrats, just make it 100% one color if Republicans won and 100% another color if Democrats won. Compare with 4a and think about how your color scale kind of screwed up with color-by-alpha thing.

Chart 5: A bubble map easy... to a point.

Make a map of all of the powerplants in the United States. Size the circles by their output, color them by the type of powerplant. We're just copying this, really.

Include a legend.

Data is in us_states.topojson and powerplants.csv

Chart 6: Small multiple maps ?????

Hey wait, that Washington Post thing had small multiples, didn't it? Let's do that, too.

Data is in us_states.topojson and powerplants.csv, because it's the SAME.