Radials and small multiples

Completed version should look like this one. Hints are in hints/ (next to src this time)

In this homework we start simple, s-l-o-w-l-ying build more interesting, more complicated graphics. Eventually we absolutely lose our mind.

Don't move the data out of /data/, it's happy living there.

Chart 1: A simple, centered pie chart

Except it's kind of sneaky because I teach you something else while we're doing it.

Dataset is data/time-breakdown.csv

Chart 2: Pie chart, small multiples

Same as above, but small multiples'd. You don't need to label the wedges.

Do not use multiple SVGs! I want this all in one SVG.

Dataset is data/time-breakdown-all.csv

Chart 3: Fixed-wedge size pie, or radial bar graph

You can actually the pie generator for this! You don't have to, though.

Dataset is data/ny-temps.csv

Chart 3b: Small multiples of Chart 3

Now you'll just have to re-use your code to distribute it across the x axis. Dataset is data/all-temps.csv

Chart 3c: Chart 3, also showing the minimum temperature for each month

Isn't this getting fun? Dataset is data/all-temps.csv

Chart 4: Radial area charts

Dataset is data/ny-temps.csv

Chart 5: Radial area charts, small multiples

More small multiples! Dataset is data/all-temps.csv

Chart 6: A radar chart

Chart 7: A weird, fun radial graph

We're copying this one! It is completely unreasonable to expect you to do it, which is why it's going to be extra fun. You also learn some weird stuff.

Dataset is data/time-binned.csv

Chart 8: NBA radar chart

This is a lesson in how to deal with data that isn't exactly what you're looking for. Also uses weird stuff. Data in data/nba.csv

Chart 9: NBA radar chart small multiples

If you've made one, you've made them all! Kind of.

Data in data/nba.csv