Homework: Events in D3

You'll need to run npm start or npm run start to start up Parcel.

1: A bar chart about countries

Build a bar chart of different countries' life expectancies. I want the buttons to highlight what they say they should highlight.

You can pick what a low GDP is.

Asia Africa North America Low GDP countries Color by continent Reset

2: A line chart about stock prices

This is a graph of AAPL stock price over time. Right now it's a very pleasant line chart, but I'd love to actually see the data points themselves!

Edit line-chart.js to add circles for each data point. They should line up with the line, and be the same color.

When someone hovers over a point, it should grow slightly larger, and all of the information should be displayed on the right-hand column (see AAPL.csv for the fields).

When someone removes their mouse from a dot, the circle should return to its original size, but the information may still be shown. When the page loads there should not be anything in that column.

Adj Close:

3. A slope graph about drug overdose deaths

When you hover over a state's name, the state's name, the line, and the dots should all light up in a nice highlight color.

If you hover over a line or a dot, the name/line/dot should also highlight.

When you remove your mouse, they should return to their original color.

You'll want to use console.log(d) a lot in this to see what the data looks like - it isn't always the same as in the csv!